Top Of The Screen

The new way to do Windows ... Quick launch to EVERYTHING
(Website/UserID/Password, Programs)  ...  Security Protection ...
This program is a major time saver !!!
This amazing program, allows you to enjoy the Windows experience from a tiny area at the very top of your screen.
Dramatically reduces repetitive typing, the need to move the mouse, and you don't have to remember any Websites, User ID's, passwords, bank numbers ...  
All personal data is encrypted and kept on
your computer ... Includes Password Generator Tool ... much more ...
Optionally works with the cloud (data is encrypted
BEFORE it is uploaded), and can also run from a flash drive on any Windows computer in the world..
All your data, User ID's, passwords, name, address, bank numbers ... are encrypted using very advanced encryption techniques.

And the program is completely Free.
Regards, PapaT    

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papaTsoftware is a "Verified" Microsoft Publisher
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1             IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
... Now Metro Enhanced ...
updated 3/18 2pm
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PapaT Loves Valentina Lisitsa for many reasons ...
click here ... to see and hear 3 of them ... Adagio sostenuto ... Allegretto ... Presto Agitato
Increases # of rows from 22 to 30.
Get TOTS version 2.2 here      Free ... Full feature, with Multi User and Calendar previews.
Just For Fun

A physicist and a mathematician were flying from the East coast to the West coast one day,
and a little more than 1/2 way thru the trip, the physicist pulls out his pad and writes:
I am now flying over Colorado and I observe a herd of several white horses galloping west.
At the same time, the mathematician pulls out his pad and writes:
I am now flying somewhere over the mid west and I observe a herd of 8 horses, white on top, moving what appears to be west.

Maybe the 8 horses are actually black, painted white on top, in Arizona not Colorado, cantering not galloping, southwest not west, as the pilot had slowly
increased speed and changed course for the Baja in Mexico without telling anyone.

The difference is,
while the physicist labors in a world of apparent reality, the mathematician basks in a world of truth.