Multivariable Calculus III Tutorials
Calculus is one of the greatest achievements of all of human intellect... Hughes/Hallett
My Short Lectures:
Lecture 1:   Coordinates & Level Sets
Lecture 2:   Linear functions in Space
Lecture 2a: Linear Plane Addendum
Lecture 3:   Limit of function DNE
Lecture 4:   Vector Dot Product & Projections
Lecture 5:   Vector Cross Product
Lecture 6:   Partial Derivatives
Lecture 7:   Linearization and Differentials
Lecture 8:   Directional Derivative
Lecture 9:   
Optimization (Unconstrained)
Lecture 9a: Optimization (Constrained) - Lagrange
Lecture 10:
Cylindrical & Spherical Coordinate Systems
Lecture 11:
Change of Variable (Jacobian)
Lecture 12: Parameterization (Curves)
Lecture 13: Parameterization (Surfaces)
Lecture 14: Line & Surface Integrals (Introduction)
Lecture 15:
Line Integral (scalar)
Lecture 16: Line Integral (vector)
more to come ... Gradient, Green, Stokes, Divergence Theorems

Lecture 20:
Nature of the Fundamental Theorems of Calculus (in 3 colors)
Lecture 21:
Verifying The Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals (helix)

Lecture 22:
Big Picture of Calculus (popular)
Videos by Khan Academy are strongly recommended: